Happy Birthday, Smokini

On December 1, Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv shall celebrate its first birthday! As the holiday approaches, the team would like to express its deep gratitude for the ongoing support of its clients and guests during those first months of existence.

On the first day of December, Smokini - the modern new restaurant in Plovdiv will celebrate its first birthday! This wonderful holiday is a great opportunity for the team members to express their gratitude for the unconditional support at the opening of the new restaurant in Plovdiv and the opportunity to contribute to the change of the traditional restaurant perception that has been imposed over the years.


A year later, Smokini's team has taken note of the feedback given, has realized the loopholes and has made everything necessary to offer its clients magnificent culinary delights and an atmosphere of warmth and harmony. Now, as the day of the holiday approaches, Smokini - the innovative restaurant in Plovdiv, will meet its guests with gratitude and will delight them with a specially selected gift. On December 1, each client of the restaurant will also be able to taste a piece of the magnificent birthday cake prepared by a pastry master cook. That is a temptation that should not be missed!

The exciting adventurous atmosphere, the exquisitely simple menu and the cozy relaxing interior are just few of the reasons why people visit Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv. The delicious and nutritious food served with finesse on the table, the gentle illumination, and the overall feeling of harmony and warmth are those ingredients that make guests come again and again.


Situated in the very heart of Plovdiv, on 12 Otets Paisii Street, meters away from the main pedestrian zone of the city, Smokini restaurant is already well-known for its innovative cuisine, its meals with selected products, its bold and skillfully combined ingredients, the sincere love for food and the impeccable service. The chefs in this modern restaurant in Plovdiv bear one of the most progressive visions for the culinary art scene development in the city, based on the established world trends and practices.

Smokini restaurant has experimental and innovative cuisine, the menu is changed twice a year – at early winter and early summer, and in addition new interesting meals are offered every week, selected according to the seasonal fruits and vegetables and the upcoming holidays. Besides the tempting dishes in the main menu, which includes traditional Bulgarian dishes with a modern plating and various dishes from the kitchens around the world, the restaurant offers a special daily menu, which cannot be resisted.

The comfortable interior in warm colors, the pleasant music, the wonderful aromas of the delicious food and the fine wine, predispose for long dinners with friends with joyful conversations, sharing, full recovery and recharge.


Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv offers not only delicious and innovative meals, but offers a real experience of the senses, a feeling of coziness and intimacy, an opportunity for relaxation. The atmosphere is friendly, the service is pleasant, and the overall feeling is for peacefulness and joy.

On the first day of the most beautiful and festive month of the year, this wonderful place shall celebrate its first birthday and shall offer part of its credo to each and every guest! The month shall start with a gift from the hosts and a generous piece of the magnificent birthday cake, to proceed with the sound of jingle bells, gently falling snowflakes and excited children’s eyes. The team of Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv wishes you a month full of coziness, filled with love and presents! Happy Holidays.