What it's like to be a vegetarian or a vegan

Learn what are the different types and tiers of vegetarianism and veganism. In this article, you will also find an extensive list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals in Smokini.

Smokini - the modern restaurant in Plovdiv, strives to impose innovative cuisine and healthy dining, usage of quality ingredients and products, gentle heat treatment to preserve the taste of the food. The adventure restaurant in Plovdiv has provided a special and rich menu for vegetarians as well as for vegans, which gives a pleasant choice to those people who have chosen this type of life and food philosophy. Let's find out what is vegetarianism and then find out which are the tasty meals offered to vegans and vegetarians at Smokini, the new restaurant in Plovdiv.


Vegetarianism explained

Vegetarianism is a nutrition philosophy according to which are excluded the foods products that are derived from animals. The reasons for adopting and following this food philosophy vary. In general, vegetarianism is considered as a trend in the dietology science. People who prefer this type of dining are mainly consuming fruits, vegetables and nuts. Some followers of the vegetarian culture allow themselves an intake of dairy products and eggs, while others do not. However, all followers do not consume meat, sea food, poultry and red meat. The mission of the restaurant in Plovdiv is to offer a menu with a good choice for the people who are following this food philosophy and invite them to eat outside with friends without feeling pressed to choose between one or two dishes only.

Vegetarianism philosophy can be accepted for a variety of reasons, yet more often these are moral reasons. Of course, many other reasons can also be enumerated such as health, political, religious, cultural, economic, and other reasons. The types of vegetarianism are several, the main ones being:

  • lactovegetarianism - involves consumption of dairy products but no eggs;
  • ovegetarianism - involves consumption of eggs but no dairy products;
  • ovolactovegetarianism - includes consumption of dairy products and eggs;
  • veganism - excludes any animal products such as eggs, milk and honey.

Vegetarianism means different things in the different countries around the world. The very definition of the vegetarianism comes from the differences in the motives and the menu. The semi-vegetarians, for example, consume large amounts of vegetarian foods, as well as poultry, fish, and various meat products. It should be mentioned that the food, excluded from their menu is mainly for moral, religious, emotional reasons.


What are the reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian?

Many experts argue that vegetarianism is not beneficial to the health but has a good environmental impact as it lowers the carbon and water usage in nature. There are many different motives behind the choice of vegetarianism as a philosophy.

A large number of the vegetarians have chosen this philosophy because of their sympathy for the animals. A great percentage of these vegetarians are women. These people avoid the consumption of products that result from the death of animals.

Another part of them believe that the violent death of the animals results in toxins that are left in the meat. There is some scientific credibility behind this motif, but at the same time there are many antitheses. People who believe in it, usually have no problem consuming eggs and dairy products.

Yet, other part of the vegetarians are driven by more pragmatic reasons. They do not want to consume meat because they do not like the technology of animal breeding and the usage of hormones, heavy metals in the fish, and so on. These vegetarians usually eat secondary animal products such as eggs and milk, and sometimes animal products in moderate amounts.

Other vegetarians condemn everything that comes from the animals as harmful and believe that people should eat only plant products.

The most extreme type of vegetarians are the vegans. They believe that people need to consume only food that gives life, or in other words unprocessed plant food. This ultimate eating method can be healthy, but at the same time it is extremely criticized by the dieticians. Even for the vegans, defined as extreme vegetarians, Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv can offer an excellent choice.


Which are the vegetarian types?

The types of vegetarianism are several, the main ones being:

  • lactovegetarianism, which involves consumption of dairy products but no eggs;
  • ovo-vegetarianism, which involves consumption of eggs but no dairy products;
  • ovolacto-vegetarianism, which involves consumption of dairy products and eggs;
  • veganism, which excludes all animal products, including eggs, milk and honey;
  • There are two other new types that will be listed below in the article.

The raw food eating can also be included as one of the vegetarian types. The followers of this movement consume only vegetable, untreated foods.

Types of vegetarians: flexytarian, pestetarian, lacto vegetarian, vegan, raw-food eater. What do these terms mean?

Due to the various reasons that are behind the decision for not eating meat, there are different types of vegetarianism. The main ones are six.

Flexytarian - this is a new type of vegetarianism, as people live a semi-vegetarian way of life. They consume vegetables and fruits, buts, as well as eggs and dairy products. Sometimes they also try fish and meat, but they should come from free animals fed with organic food.

Pestetarian - this is also a new type of vegetarianism, where people consume seafood but do not consume other types of meat. This type of vegetarianism is acceptable to a large number of people because seafood is a valuable source of protein, minerals and healthy fats.

Lacto-vegetarian - this is the main form of vegetarianism. People who choose this form do not consume meat but consume other animal products such as eggs and milk, cheese, yellow cheese and honey.

Ovo vegetarian - these are those people who do not consume meat and dairy products do consume eggs.

Vegan – those people eat only plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat, legumes, and do not eat animal products and honey. Further, they do not use animal products in other aspects of their lives. In general, the vegan diet is extremely restrictive, so it is good for people who follow it to understand the nutritionalism process in order to be able to supply themselves with the right amount of daily nutrients.

Raw food eater - the raw food eaters are not necessarily vegans, but many of them refrain from the consumption of animal products. The raw food eaters avoid food that is processed or cooked above a certain temperature and many of them use unprocessed, nutritious juices. This type of diet includes very few calories, fibers and body fat. The raw food eaters are also welcome at Smokini - the modern restaurant in Plovdiv, as there are also good dishes for their needs.


Which are the risks for vegetarians? What are the main problems that they face?

It is a proven fact that vegetarians are in need of a quality protein, which they find difficult to get. They often rely on protein shakes because they believe that the protein-rich products are the ones most polluted by the usage of dangerous technologies.

The good news is that in recent years serious and persistent attempts have been made in Europe to impose environmental control on animal products and on animal breeding. There is also control over the packaging and storage of food. This is important for vegetarians, as the more pragmatic ones slowly return to the consumption of gently processed animal products in order to get the needed amount of protein.

The eco market of healthy foods in Bulgaria

The eco-farming and eco-livestock development, as well as the production of organic and bio products in Bulgaria are in their initial stage, and the control over them is not as high as it should be. The need for healthy food, however, makes more and more people to look for these products in the food stores. The choice of healthy products is still poor, which limits the options for a full-fledged vegetarian menu.


Smokini - the restaurant in Plovdiv, which offers a menu for vegans and vegetarians

Smokini - the restaurant in Plovdiv offers innovative cuisine, using quality ingredients and products, and applying the right heat treatment to preserve their taste. The new restaurant in Plovdiv has provided a special vegetarian menu as well as a vegan menu, which gives a pleasant choice to the people who have chosen this type of living and eating culture. Let's see which are the tasty proposals for vegans and vegetarians in the menu of Smokini - the modern restaurant in Plovdiv.

Vegetarian menu in Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv:

The menu for vegetarians in the new Plovdiv restaurant includes various offers of salads, main dishes and desserts. Here are some suggestions that would make vegetarians happy:

Smokini salad

Peeled tomatoes, grilled cheese and marinated eggplant

Several Bulgarian salads

Home madefresh sheep mils cheese with pink tomatoes and roasted peppers

Mix of green salads with grilled French goat cheese

Fresh Italian burrata cheese with traditional eggplant spread

Traditional Shopska Salad

Fresh vegetables with sautéed zucchini and eggplant

Broadleaf salads with a soft cheese selection

Caprese salad

And also...

Caramelized French goat milk cheese

Spinach meatballs

Chrisp cheese with blueberry sauce

Tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, pesto and parmesan cheese

Risotto with vegetables

And for dessert...

Homemade biscuit cake with mascarpone and chocolate

Cheesecake with season fruits

Homemade with nougat with figs

Classic tiramisu

Chocolate soufflé with molten milky core

Vegan menu in Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv:

Green salad with quinoa, succory and marinated beet

Vegetable stew with spicy rice spaghetti

Panzanella - a dish of tomatoes, roasted peppers, onions, garlic, olives, herb croutons, citrus vinaigrette

These are just some of the dishes for vegans and vegetarians in the kitchen of Smokini - the adventure restaurant in Plovdiv. All meals that are suitable for these specific food regimes are available and can be found onsite, offered by the service team at the restaurant.