New Autumn-Winter menu 2017 in Smokini

The warm autumn colors and the abundance of juicy vegetables and fruits will soon give way to fluffy snowflakes and soft scarves, cozy nights in front of the fireplace in anticipation for the exciting winter holidays. Hot soups, tasty meat and vegetarian meals, delicious cookies, red wine and long intimate conversations with friends among the comfort of Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv are the delight that we can grant our senses during the cold days ahead of us.

The golden autumn with its magnificent scents, colors and flavors is soon to be replaced by the magic of the winter season with its fluffy snowflakes and white beauty. Now the crazy warm summer days are just a memory that we love to come back to while looking for the coziness of the cheerful fire in the fireplace. We long to warm our bodies with hot soup, juicy stews with meat, or deliciously seasoned vegetable dishes. We pour ourselves sparkling glasses of ​​red wine, lit aromatic candles, and surround ourselves with good friends that bring comfort to our souls. These shared moments of coziness and delicious food make us feel safe and joyful.

The concept of Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv relies precisely on this feeling of great experience, delight and hint of adventure. The restaurant offers a short menu, which is changed every season, in order to stick to the initial idea of ​​discovery and new tastes. The new menu for the autumn and winter season of this innovative restaurant in Plovdiv relies on bold combinations of meat and variety of dishes especially prepared for vegans and vegetarians.

Let's see what the autumn and winter meals served in the modern new restaurant in Plovdiv, will offer to the adventurous guests. It should be noted that the menu for the autumn and winter season 2017 of the innovative new restaurant in Plovdiv includes brand new meals and tastes but at the same time preserves the established dishes that have become favorite to many of the guests.

The autumn is here, the winter follows in its footsteps...

Before we go through all new dishes that will be added in the autumn and winter menu 2017 of the modern Plovdiv restaurant, we would like to emphasize that the guests will still be able to order the other familiar meals from the menu.

The choice of salads in the autumn-winter menu of Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv is becoming quite difficult. Six fresh salads are added to the already known salad options. The choice is among:

The menu with the familiar appetizers of the innovative new restaurant in Plovdiv is diversified with five new meals including:

The main dishes with beef, pork and chicken include six new meals that are included in the autumn-winter menu of the modern new restaurant in Plovdiv. Those extremely tasty dishes include: 

  • Surf and turf or spiced beef fillet with goose liver mousse, served on a bed of sautéed tiger shrimps with teriyaki, topped with a potato mash and a main sauce. The dish combines the four earth elements, namely air - goose liver mousse; water - tiger prawns; land - potato mash; fire - spiked beef fillet. The dish is especially popular in the USA, Canada and Australia, and is often served in the British pubs there. 
  • Veal fillet with caramelized pumpkin and fruity chutney (an Indian dish prepared from many vegetables, local fruits and spices) 
  • Spiced pork tenderloin with blue cheese, wrapped in crunchy bacon, Dijon mustard, garnished with potato mash and gravy sauce 
  • Stuffed pork chop with mozzarella and tomato sauce, garnished with roasted potatoes and main sauce
  • Chicken fillet baked with Scamorza cheese, garnished with asparagus and Cafe de Paris sauce
  • Chicken fillet, spiced with bacon and Emmental on rice with herbs, with homemade Béarnaise sauce 

The new fish meals in the autumn-winter menu 2017 of the adventurous restaurant in Plovdiv include:

  • Red fin tuna steak, served on a salad mix with lemon foam
  • Salmon steak baked with herbal butter, garnished with zucchini and carrots
  • Citrus salmon on a plate garnished with lemon carrots
  • Trout fillet with fresh walnut cream and lemon risotto 
  • Fillet sea bass with lemon carrots 
  • Side fish fillet, garnished with carrots and zucchini, with lemon sauce

As you can guess, the new desserts in the menu are also fantastic:

We should not forget the special and varied dishes that will be present in the daily lunch menu in the restaurant in Plovdiv.

The meals from the autumn and winter menu and the proper wine for them

The dishes of the new autumn-winter menu have a strong taste and the most suitable wine for them are the rose and the red wine. Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv offers a wonderful wine list with selected rosé and red wines that go well with the dishes and that you would appreciate and which can gently warm our souls and bodies during the cold evenings.

Good for your health

Our autumn and winter diet must be healthy, as we start to spend less time outside and less time practicing sports. At the same time, the number of hours we stay at home in front of the TV and around the table is increasing, and this can lead to an increased body weight.

We should not forget that the quality and the type of food that we eat result in the general condition of our bodies and whether we will be able to deal with the colds. The variety of fruits and vegetables is not as large as in the summer, but those that mature during the autumn and the citrus fruits we have in abundance during the winter are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other beneficial substances.  

You are welcome to try the new autumn - winter menu 2017

It is getting colder outside, but the low temperatures bring us bright holidays - numerous name days, a Christmas celebration, and countless holidays with the start of the New Year. There is smoke coming from the chimneys and light shining through the windows. You can almost smell of aroma of the ginger cookies and the scent from the dried peels of mandarins and oranges. Smokini invites you to its coziness and tempts you to come in, relax and enjoy the rich vitamin salads, the hot soups and juicy meat dishes, the vegetarian meals, the delicious desserts and the special wine list. Let these moments happen to you, share them with your loved ones, enjoy them as much as possible...