The Art of Freedom

A tour of the exhibits of the Berlin Wall put on the Roman stadium in Plovdiv.

It's nice in Plovdiv!

On 12th of January 2019, meters from Smokini restaurant, officially opened the street art scene. The capital of culture started 2019 with the traveling exposition with exhibits from the Berlin Wall. Plovdiv is the first city in Europe to host the traveling collection with original fragments of the Berlin Wall on the occasion of 30 years since its fall. The exhibition includes works created by the predecessors of the street movement in Berlin, as well as contemporary street artists. If you are walking around the peaceful streets of the Old Town and Kapana, do not miss to take the time and attention of these beautiful works.

The collection presents the art of emblematic artists who worked on the Berlin Wall, including Heinz J. Cuddas, Thierry Noir, Christoph-Emmanuel Bouché, Kiddy Sitney, Indiano and Peter Unsicker. Works of internationally acclaimed street artists such as John Crash Matos (USA), John Dolan (UK), 1up (Germany), Jimmy C (Australia), FAITH47 (South Africa), Borondo (Spain), Jef Aérosol France), C215 (France), RUN (Italy), DAleast (China), L7M (Brazil). The exhibition will host a number of concomitant events: a projection program of over 30 short films, photos, tours on the wall, political debates, artist talks and concerts.

You can find out more about the show from the official event.

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