Smokini's sunny terrace and garden

Sun and shade, cozy interior, beautiful flowers, freshness and impressive summer menu - this relaxing atmosphere is offered to the visitors of Smokini - the innovative restaurant in Plovdiv. That along with an impeccable service, are some of the reasons why you should visit the place and then come back here for a cool dinner all summer.

There are so many reasons to visit Smokini Restaurant in Plovdiv, yet recently another tempting one was added so that you will not be able to resist. At the beginning of the summer this wonderful place on the iconic Otets Paisii Str. in Plovdiv opened its terrace and garden for visitors. The so-needed shadow during the hot summer days and the coolness during the long nights in the city are now possible at your favorite Smokini Restaurant, just meters away from the main pedestrian zone in the cultural capital of Bulgaria.

Photo of Smokini's terrace overlooking Otets Paisiy street

Looking for a peaceful night out and for a tasty dinner in the open, all guests of the Smokini Restaurant in Plovdiv can now immerse themselves in the wonderful and relaxing atmosphere felt here. The terrace is spacious, overlooking the popular Otets Paisii Str., where gold coins have been recently discovered.

All the visitors of Smokini - the modern restaurant of Plovdiv are welcome to enjoy the delicious dishes they already know, as well as to taste the new tempting summer offers in the menu, which are in line with the world culinary trends and practices of the modern cuisine. The dishes are selected according to the seasonal vegetables and fruits, and the restaurant does offer a special lunch menu, which is different for each day of the week.


Apart from the terrace, the adventurous restaurant of Plovdiv further offers a lovely garden. The guests share that when they come here they feel as if being part of another world - spacious and colorful, away from all duties they have. The garden features a zone with decorative figs that are the mascot of the team. Besides them, you can find a nice area of fresh spices, which are used for decoration of the meals served. Among the home-grown spices and herbs are to be found fresh mint and rosemary, basil and thyme. Naturally, the garden is also full of flowers of sunny colors that delight the eyes and blend nicely with the interior. The garden is suitable for welcoming small companies of four or five friends.

Candid shot of Smokini's garden with flowers in the foreground

As always, the chefs use ingredients of the highest quality in their dishes and thus achieve an excellent taste. The menu of this adventure restaurant in Plovdiv offers dishes that are suitable for vegetarians as well as for vegans. Varied fresh salads, interesting mixture of products, and irresistible desserts are among the dishes offered. As always, the wine list is on an extremely high quality, skillfully selected for the new summer menu concept of Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv.

Everybody is welcome!

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