Zucchero in Smokini

On 23th of July 2018, Plovdiv hosted the father of Italian blues - Zucchero Fornaciari

Plovdiv hosted the world famous Italian singer, songwriter, and musician Zucchero Fornaciari. Considered to be the "father of an Italian blues" by many, he is one of the few musicians who still enjoy international success. The music that he creates is inspired by gospel, soul, blues and rock music, as well as alternative styles between the Italian ballads and some more rhythmic songs such as R & B-boogie.


During the preparation for the concert at the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, Smokini was in delighted to be responsible for the lunch and dinner for the organizers, the band, and the back vocalists. Special dishes were selected for Zucchero before the concert based on his favourite meals, which were prepared by our chef.

Moments after the end of his concert in the rain, Zucchero delighted Smokini's guests and his fans with his appearance.


Extremely warm-hearted, Zucchero was posing for photos with all our guests and the Smokini team. For his dinner, he chose meals from our menu: starting with Smokini Salad, followed by a goat's cheese with sliced baby pears, and finished with fish & chips. Impressed by the choice of Bulgarian wines from local wine cellars, he ordered one of our best rose wines.

We were deeply impressed by his words at the end of the evening: "Wonderful food, great restaurant, keep on creating and cooking!".