Why Smokini and how to find us in Plovdiv

Find out what motivated us to start Smokini, what we are aiming for and how to find us. On this page you will also find helpful information about directions and public transport in Plovdiv. Oh yes.. and a short form for feedback - feel free to send us your wackiest ideas - we really appreciate it!


Our understanding that improvement is a process, motivates us to find new challenges, to experiment and to develop the tastes we offer our guests. We promise to relentlessly search for opportunities to improve our cuisine and to add new and interesting ingredients to our menu. We hope to inspire you to join us on our adventure.


When we conceptualized the restaurant, there was a dilemma between industrial and vintage interior design. Industrial, focusing on the food rather the interior and vintage, bringing mix the European and Bulgarian past into the present. In the end we decided that it would be best for you to experience both. You now how the opportunity to choose between the rough industrial and the cosy vintage halls.

How to find us

The restaurant is situated on 12 “Otets Paisiy” street (also know as “Zlatarska”, which literally translates to “Goldsmith”). The street is parallel to the pedestrian strip. Nearby you can find the Ancient stadium ruins, the “Dzhumaya” square (“Dzhumaya” is Turkish for Mosque) and the road to the Old town. Just a few steps away from us is the “Dzhumaya” park, where you can see quotes from famous Bulgarian writers written on the pavement. Public transport: there is a bus stop 5 minutes away. The lines 1, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 26, 27, 44, 93 and 99 stop there. Taxi: You can get a cab to drive you to the restaurant for BGN 2 - 6, depending on your position in the city. We advise calling one of the following taxi companies: Elma: +359 32 6665 Viailet: +359 32 6160 Eco: +359 32 6155

We are always happy for feedback

We are located at 12 Otets Paisiy street, parallel to Plovdiv's main street. We are near the Ancient stadium, Dzhumaya square and the road to the Old Town.