Art Liberté

Plovdiv has the privilege to be the scene of the exhibition on the occasion of 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2019, the only traveling collection of original fragments of the Berlin Wall is coming to Plovdiv.
The exhibition consists of works created by the predecessors of the Berlin street art movement, as well as by contemporary street artists. The collection is presenting the art of the emblematic artists who used to work on the Berlin Wall, among them Thierry Noir, Christophe-Emmanuel Bouchet, Kiddy Citny, Indiano, Heinz J. Kuzdas and Pter Unsicker. It will also include works by internationally recognized street artists such as Jef Aerosol (France) , Borondo (Spain), C215 (France), John Crash Matos (USA), DAleast (China), FAIT47 (South Africa), Jimmy C (Australia), L7M (Brazil), RUN (Italy), 1up (Germany), John Dolan (UK)

The exhibition will host an array of accompanying events - a screening programme of mmore than 30 short movies, photos, tourists walks on the Wall, political debates, artistic talks, and concerts. Along with he collection of artworks, the exhibition also includes three Trabant cars, painted by Thierry Noir, Christophe-Emmanuel Bouche and Kiddy Citny.

The collection is owned by the noted French curator Sylvestre Verger. The exhibition is made possible by Plovdiv 2019 in the partnership with French Institute Bulgaria.
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