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What is www.smokini.bg?

www.smokini.bg is the official website of the Smokini Restaurant. Here we share the latest information about the culinary delights you can touch, as well as interesting events related to the restaurant and the cultural life in Plovdiv. In order to offer you the highest quality, we strive to keep you informed and share topical moments "from the kitchen".

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Via www.smokini.bg you can always get informed about our current menu. We hold on to the diversity and the individual approach. On www.smokini.bg, in our "Lunch Menu" and "Weekly Menu" tabs, we can provide you with information about our delicious meals that we are cooking periodically.

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For us, food is not just a necessity. We strive to offer our customers a complete experience by combining a pleasant atmosphere with different tastes and individual attitude. At www.smokini.bg you can find special articles from our blog, which would be of interest to you. The content of the articles is entirely authoritative and does not claim factual accuracy. You can “taste” and use wonderful ideas and inspiration from our Blog, you may learn delightful stories and interesting facts about some of our customers, as well.

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We are stated in the heart of Plovdiv. We strive to be part of the overall atmosphere that the city brings and we are interested in everything that is happening around us. At www.smokini.bg, we can provide you with information about events in our city. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information, although we are always trying to provide you with accurate information.

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