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Do you want to find out the secrets of delicious food? You are in the right place - our blog tells the story of preparing meals, combining tastes and sneak peeks from our kitchen. Here you will also find valuable information about our sweetheart Plovdiv.

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Garlic - what are its benefits and culinary use

Learn more about the nutritional facts behind garlic and how it's best used in the kitchen.

Happy birthday

Smokini's First Birthday

On the first day of December, Smokini will celebrate our first birthday! This wonderful day is the perfect occasion for our team to express its gratitude for the unconditional support we have received from you - our guests ever since we opened back in 2016. We have set our course to change what a modern restaurant in Bulgaria is and we are happy to have you on this journey.

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New Autumn-Winter Menu 2017 in Smokini

Warm autumn colors and an abundance of juicy vegetables and fruits will soon give way to fluffy snow and soft scarves on cozy dinners in front of the fireplace. Warm soups and delicious baked goods, red wine and long intimate conversations with friends in the comfort of Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv are the joy and delight that our senses crave during the cold days of winter.


33 Most Used Herbs in Smokini's Kitchen - Part 2

Part 2 of our herb article. Learn which herb goes with what food and how combining them can help you achieve chef-level meals. Also, herbs are great for your health!

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33 Most Used Herbs in Smokini's Kitchen - Part 1

Learn which herb goes with what food and how combining them can help you achieve chef-level meals. Also, herbs are great for your health!

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What to Eat During the Summer?

An abundance of fresh vegetables, delicious meals with little termal treatment, splendid wine list and a wonderful new restaurant with a dazzling interior that predisposes to intimate conversations with friends over the long summer evenings ... All this is possible at Smokini - the new restaurant in Plovdiv. Talk about overselling ^^

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Which Wine Goes With Which Meal in Smokini?

A splendid and healthy drink, wine provides a pleasant refreshment for every dinner. When combined in harmony with the food served, it brings unparalleled delight to all senses. Let's find out what wine best fits the meals of the new restaurant in Plovdiv - Smokini. You will also learn about the benefits of wine to your health (there are several)

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Delicious Desserts for the Summer Season

Airy creams, mouth-watering pastries and fruit pies, bold combinations of cheeses and juicy fruits with lots of ice cream ... desserts in the summer are so varied and tasty that we can hardly resist eating them while we are in the kitchen. Try the delicious desserts offered for the summer season in the new restaurant in Plovdiv - Smokini, in the heart of the city.


The summer meals – which are the irresistible summer dishes?

The tasty summer dishes tempt our senses and bring a real freshness and delight in our lives. Lovely soups, rich vegetable dishes, tasty chicken meals, fresh fish and delicious seafood – they all make us feel good. Now you can try them in the new Smokini restaurant in Plovdiv.

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The Summer Appetizers – so tasty and refreshing

The summer appetizers are so tasty and refreshing! They tempt the guests to order a glass of wine from the impressive wine list in Smokini - the wonderful new restaurant in Plovdiv, relax and enjoy the food served as much as possible.