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Do you want to find out the secrets of delicious food? You are in the right place - our blog tells the story of preparing meals, combining tastes and sneak peeks from our kitchen. Here you will also find valuable information about our sweetheart Plovdiv.


Smokini at Tom Jones concert

On 24th of June Plovdiv once again hosted world musicians. Sir Tom Jones's concert was scheduled to take place at the Antique Theater in Plovdiv but due to the change of weather it was necessary to take place indoors.

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From the Berlin Wall to the street art

Expositions of the Berlin Wall located in the center of Plovdiv.

Zuccero smokini autograph

Zucchero in Smokini

On 23th of July 2018, Plovdiv hosted the father of Italian blues - Zucchero Fornaciari

Tai lopez 4

Sting's Cook - an Interview With Tai Lopez

Sting and Shaggy held two amazing concerts at Plovdiv's Antiquity Theater last week. Smokini had the enormous privilege to be their culinary host throughout their stay in the city. Check out our exclusive interview with Tai Lopez.

Photo of smokini's inner garden with a table with meals and lemonade

Smokini's Sunny Terrace and Garden

Sunshine and shade, cozy interior, wonderful flowery garden, fresh and delightful summer menu - learn more about Smokini's relaxing venue.

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Figs - the fruit of longevity

Let's be honest - we all have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, sugar, the main ingredient for many has a detrimental effect on our body. Fortunately for us, sugar can easily be substituted for the much more nutritional fruits of summer. Figs are among the earliest known fruit of civilizations before us. They've also casually lent their name to Smokini. ^^

Spring meadow

Spring in Smokini

They say spring is the season of rebirth for nature, the time for a new beginning. The days are getting longer, warmer and more pleasant to the human soul. Learn more about what food is beneficial to our body and what activities can help your body recuperate from winter.

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The 8th of March

The most beautiful day of the year - a token of gratitude to our mothers, daughters, our loved ones and our sisters.

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Gluten-free Life

Learn more about the intricacies of living gluten-free. Why people choose or are forced to live this way, what are the effect of gluten and which foods to avoid if you want to do a gluten-free diet

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What it's like to be a vegetarian or a vegan?

Are you a vegetarian? A vegan? Are you curious about what it takes to go on such a diet? Learn about the health benefits and risks of limiting meat and dairy. Also, we did a compilation of the different types of vegetarianism and veganism ^^